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SunLabz® Bluetooth Smart Light - Smartphone-Controlled, Color-Changing, Dimmable LED Bulb that works with iPhone & Android Devices (Black)

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  • LET THERE BE TECHNICOLOR LIGHT: Color your life with rainbow light; SUNLABZ Smart
    LED Bluetooth bulbs offer 16 million RGB colorful light options to suit every room in your home.
    Lighting is an integral part of atmosphere, affecting mood as well as appearance. With control
    over not only a myriad of color options, but also the color temperature, a room has the potential
    to be completely customized to foster a calming environment, stimulate energy or flatter your
    features. Discover the capabilities of color.
  • SET THE MOOD FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE: SUNLABZ LED bulbs are pretty and smart.
    Fully smartphone and bluetooth compatible, from brightness control to color choice and
    temperature adjustment, the power is at your fingertips.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR ATMOSPHERE: Ambiance is vital to creating a comfortable home, and
    lighting is crucial to crafting an ambiance. With SUNLABZ Bluetooth LED bulbs, you have a
    choice of 16 million light colors and complete control over brightness and color temperature.
    Bathe the bathroom in warm pink light for flattering primping, or soothe yourself to sleep under a
    cool blue hue. Fan of exposed lights? SUNLABZ bulbs are sleekly designed in matte white or
    black finishes; you’ll want to show them off.
  • SCORE HIGH ON EFFICIENCY: With a lifespan of 15,000 hours and 9.46KWH/1000H,
    SUNLABZ LED Bluetooth bulbs earned a well-deserved A+ rating for energy efficiency. LED
    lights consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, which also means savings on
    energy costs. Swap your bulbs for the efficiency of LED light, and join us on the honor roll.
  • SPECS & COMPATIBILITY: We don’t want to leave anyone in the dark; that’s why our smart
    bulbs are compliant with Bluetooth Smart (4.0) on any iPhone 4s and above, iPad (3rd & 4th
    gen), iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch 5g and above, and any Android 4.3 and above. Specs:
    9W; 800LM; >80RA; 3000K-6000k CCT; 3 Year Warranty. Available in white and black matte
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