Join SUNLABZ in our Eco-mission

At SUNLABZ we work hard to design a better future for our planet.
First and foremost, all our products are designed with the environment in mind—from our power dense, rechargeble batteries to our solar chargers for your gear on the go. We’re on a mission to spread the word about how our energy consumption really affects the environment, and what we can all do to help.

Eco-mission Battery recycling program

Pollution created by discarded batteries of all types causes damage to the environment. Alkaline batteries in particular contain electrodes composed of manganese dioxide and zinc, along with potassium hydroxide which is a highly corrosive electrolyte. In landfills, discarded batteries corrode and allow these materials and heavy metals to leak into soil and underground water tables. Using recyclable batteries with many charge cycles can reduce the damage by 1000x.

And for all those old batteries, did you know you can ensure safe disposal or resuse by dropping them at a recycling center?

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